Bright, delicious sweet potatoes and yams feature in these quesadillas, porridges, salads, and pies. Yam vs. Sweetpotato: A true yam is a starchy edible root of the Dioscorea genus, and is generally imported to America from the Caribbean. Find quick & easy sweet potato yam recipes & menu ideas, search thousands of recipes & discover cooking tips from the ultimate food resource for home cooks, Epicurious. Understand the difference between Sweet potato and Yam. They are both tuberous root vegetables that come from a flowering plant, but they are not related and actually don’t even have a lot in common. Sweet Potato and Yam Recipes. Let’s clear up one very important point: Sweet potatoes are not a type of yam, and yams are not a type of sweet potato. The terms Sweet potato and Yam have synonymous (similar) meaning. Find out what connects these two synonyms. Depending on the variety, sweetpotato flesh can vary from white to orange and even purple. It is rough and scaly and very low in beta carotene.

The terms “sweet potato” and “yam” are often used interchangeably, causing a lot of confusion. While both are underground tuber vegetables, they are actually very different.