Conclusion and My Recommendation. Whey Protein Supplements come in three main forms – hydrolysate, concentrate, and isolate. Et donc pas de lactose. This means that each dose of whey isolate offers more protein and fewer calories per dose, compared to whey concentrate. Whey Isolate vs Whey Concentrate vs Whey Blend? WPI is even more processed, going through filters 4 times smaller again! Conclusion and My Recommendation.

C'est donc un avantage indéniable pour ceux qui y sont intolérants. The Best Whey Protein Concentrate and Isolate on the Market.

Whey Concentrate E Whey Isolate Le Whey Protein contengono proteine, grassi, carboidrati, vitamine e minerali. Let’s look at the differences.

A tri-blend is a mix of whey concentrate, whey isolate and hydrolyzed whey, meaning you get the benefits of all these 3 whey protein types in one protein powder.

Cows milk is 80% casein and 20% whey. Some of you might be wondering what exactly Whey is? This liquid then undergoes various processes to become a whey protein powder. What is Whey?

That’s the question most buyers of protein constantly ask. Whey isolate is processed with more refining, to further isolate the protein from the carbs and fat. That’s the question most buyers of protein constantly ask.

Whey protein isolate is, like concentrate, a by-product of cheese production. Whey Isolate is the purest source of whey protein, as it undergoes significantly more processing than whey concentrate to remove most lactose, fats, carbohydrates, and cholesterol.

Whey Protein Concentrate Vs. Isolate: Which is better? However, whey isolates get dehydrated leaving a much purer protein content, free from lactose, cholesterol and carbohydrates.

What is Whey?

While whey protein concentrate is fairly simple in its manufacturing process, the isolate refining process is further divided. Come il concentrato di proteine del siero di latte, anche il Whey Protein Isolate é un prodotto nutrizionalmente magro.

Whey Isolate vs Whey Concentrate vs Whey Blend?

Some of you might be wondering what exactly Whey is?

Whey Protein Concentrate vs. Isolate – Just how do they differ? Les deux grands types de protéines de lactosérum sont : le concentré de protéines sériques (“Whey Protein Concentrate” – WPC – en anglais, qu’on nomme en général “whey” en français) et l’isolat de protéines sériques (connu sous le nom de “Whey Protein Isolate” – WPI – en anglais, ou “isolate” ou encore “whey isolate” en français). It’s the watery liquid you will see floating on top. In fact, whey protein isolate consists of at least 90% protein, and less than 1% lactose and fats. Whey is the liquid that separates during cheese production.

Le whey concentrate, a differenza delle isolate o idrolizzate, hanno una percentuale più elevata di carboidrati e grassi sotto forma di lattosio, infatti sono sconsigliate agli intolleranti al lattosio. L'isolat de whey, lui, est pratiquement le même produit, sauf qu'il est encore plus concentré (80 à 98% de protéines !). Funny enough, you don’t start asking these questions until you have solved that you actually want a whey protein as there are so many others such as vegan protein, egg, goat, etc. It therefore has a higher protein percentage and is absorbed more quickly than whey concentrate.

The comparison of whey protein concentrate vs isolate means nothing if your protein is ineffective. Cows milk is 80% casein and 20% whey. The proteins are separated from the whey and made into protein powder. Whey protein isolate has been filtered further than whey concentrate, and has more of the fats and lactose (carbs) removed.