It’s what makes us human. When We Collide by A.L. WHEN WE COLLIDED BY EMERY LORD| BOOK REVIEW - Duration: 6:54. When We Collide is a stunning second-chance love story that had me captivated from the very first page until long after the last page. The pain and regret in When We Collide is palpable, as well as the suffering. An account of a six-year struggle of unrequited love, loss, abuse and family devastation.

Jackson Powerful storytelling at its finest! I think emery lord deserves the award for writing the most adorable characters in the history of the universe.
We have messy, throbbing hearts, and we are stronger than anyone could ever know. When We Collided carefully yet effortlessly puts mental illness in conversation with the beauty and struggle of adolescence. Vivi and Jonah are no exception. Book reviews When We Collided Emery Lord Review by Erin A. Holt April 05, 2016 Everyone is broken in some way. William has spent six years running from his past and the last eight months trying to rid his mind of the dreams that increasingly haunt his nights. This book highlights the gut-wrenching horrors of abuse, second chances, building the strength to stand up for yourself and for your loved ones, and of Book Review: When We Collide A.L. Jackson Book Resume: From the New York Times Bestselling Author of Lost to You and Take This Regret comes a gripping new tale of loss and love. It is a book I wish could have written, but am so much better for having read." I cannot get over how AMAZINGLY PERFECT this entire book is. It is powerful, inspiring, emotionally raw, intense, and breathtakingly romantic.

―Julie Murphy, #1 New