Hi everyone! In some cases they can be performed at the same time. A Mini Tummy Tuck is a slightly modified Abdominoplasty procedure that uses a smaller incision than what is commonly used for a Full Tummy Tuck.

I am asking this question for a friend of mine who has lost over 35kgs and maintained the weight for a year or so. An extensive tummy tuck may also require a scar from navel to breast bone. For Public patients the WPRS surgeons operate at South West healthcare Warrnambool, Portland district health and Camperdown hospital.

Wait times vary according to the hospital. The procedure also tightens the underlying muscles if … Medicare Coverage for Tummy Tucks. If you've recently had a tummy tuck, you likely want to know the best time to resume exercise and sexual relations after the procedure.Also known as an abdominoplasty, a tummy tuck is a surgery to remove excess skin and fat from the abdomen. Choosing to have this procedure privately, rather than trying to be on a list through the public system, is often preferable to patients who want the procedure in the near future as sometimes the public lists for elective procedures require a very long wait. She is currently suffering uncomfortableness from the excess skin. This usually depends on your overall health and physical condition , as well as the actual indications related to both procedures. Your scar will be visible in the first few weeks but should fade quickly until it’s barely noticeable. All Australian states are experiencing waiting list problems because public hospitals can no longer meet the high demand for elective surgeries. Tummy Tuck and medicare? This is because depending on your body type and size, you may find that losing that last 13 pounds further affects your body contour. I would recommend waiting until you reach your ideal weight before getting a tummy tuck.

She does not have PHI and can not afford to pay for a tummy tuck … The staff at WPRS will be able to give you a guide at the time of booking surgery. If the decision is made to do the procedures separately then I would recommend waiting at least six months to do the tummy tuck. If the waiting lst is the same as others we have been on you see the surgeon and ask to go on the public waiting list. Congratulations on losing so much weight! Your case will be categorised by your surgeon and you will be placed on a waiting list. This procedure is typically ideal for patients who require a smaller amount of loose skin to be removed around the lower abdomen, and who do not have a fully separated abdominal wall as this can’t be repaired with a Mini Tummy Tuck procedure. In South Australia, patients wait an average of 1 week longer than expected, while in Tasmania 8.8% of people are waiting more than 365 days. With a mini tummy tuck the incision will be made as lower on the abdomen, closer to the bikini line, and will be smaller - only slightly larger than a C-Section scar. Elective surgery waiting lists in Australia.