Monday, December 6, 2010. Sabbaticals, grants and training funds for clergy The rules governing Diocesan grants and sabbatical leave are currently being reviewed. Dr. Lee Hinson-Hasty. The dark side of sabbatical. Courses for clergy who are approaching a time in life for slowing down and doing ministry differently, in ways that are more appropriate for one’s age and stage of life.

Prior service in a similar ministry in another diocese or church will normally be recognised. Sabbatical support for pastors. Congregations and pastors can benefit from a sabbatical. Mark Miller-McLemore offers some advice on how to avoid these pitfalls. A congregation should arrange for a pastor's sabbatical because it's biblical, and because both the pastor and the church need it. The Sabbatical Grant for Researchers (SGR) offers grants up to $40,000 to assist research and writing projects that will advance religious and theological scholarship in ways that also address practical issues concerning Christian faith and life, pastoral leadership, and/or religious institutions. They are asked to write a brief report for the records and so that good ideas are made available to others. For those exploring the possibility of a second sabbatical, these are normally granted only after a period of at least seven years has elapsed since the last sabbatical.

Sabbaticals have been praised as a balm in Gilead for the pastoral body, mind and soul. 2 Funding (External Possibilities) In addition to the discretionary diocesan grant, clergy should consider applying for external funding. Why should churches give their pastor a sabbatical? Supplemental salary grants are awarded during a term of paid leave when external salary funding is unavailable. I do know of some programs, but am sad to say it is not nearly enough. Stipendiary clergy who have been ordained at least ten years are eligible.

This program serves to “top-up” sabbatical salaries for tenured faculty members from 75% to 100%. April 4, 2019 by Lee Hinson-Hasty “Where might my congregation and I receive financial support for a pastoral sabbatical?” Rev. After the sabbatical, clergy meet again with the CME Officer to debrief and evaluate the time. The sabbatical year practiced by the Hebrew people was the final year in a cycle of seven years (Leviticus 25:3-4). Sabbatical Salary Grant Program. Regularly, I am asked this question. But some predictable problems can arise when leaders step away from their posts. Later life has its own blessings and there are opportunities for sabbaticals and shorter courses that affirm and encourage clergy … Please direct enquiries to For external sources of funding please see below. by: Mark Miller-McLemore. Three leading programs supporting sabbaticals for pastors are listed below.