Created Apr 11, 2010. I mainly drink monsters so they’re the main ones I’m after but I’m open to other drinks too, thank you.

Burn Energy Drink. 1.

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Energy drinks aren´t really dangerous they are just very, very unhealthy.


Just found this reddit, want to share my fridges :) see full image. 0 comments. Energy drinks UK. We created a unique energy blend with a smooth, refreshing flavour that will fuel your fire. New energy drink from Russia. Has anyone found a trick for having them in moderation? Welcome to r/energydrinks, a haven for caffeine junkies everywhere! save. share. Depending on the energy drink you have a beverage that contains slightly more sugar than coca cola and more than double the amount of caffeine. save hide report. About Community. 125. 104.

For example the Espresso monsters: I haven’t found any of them at all and I’ve been looking in quite a few different shops. The knowledge to harness fire transformed making and set us apart from all other species on earth. Since the stone age, some of our greatest ideas have been born round a fire, and so too was BURN Energy! 19 comments . 28 comments. When I asked Dana Hunnes, senior dietitian at the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center, to help me rank popular energy drinks by how healthy they are, she immediately (and firmly) responded by saying it was impossible, for the simple reason that there’s no such thing as a healthy energy drink, period.“I don’t recommend any of these drinks for regular consumption,” Hunnes emphasizes.

I'm sure it's not exactly healthy but your heart should be fine as long as it was healthy to start with. share. People drink coffee all day long and are fine and some people drink energy drinks with 300+ mg of caffiene every time they hit the gym so I don't think 1 or 2 monsters a day are going to do too much damage. I’d get off and drink till I passed out. 133. 4. English; About Us . Annoucement; r/energydrinks Rules. They contain a high amount of sugar and caffeine both of which you don´t want to consume too much of. Thanks in advance! Online. 23 comments. I heard y’all like rare energy drinks. save hide report. No Polls. I quit the monsters. Tastes kind of like wine, really hated it actually. 2. No Self Promotion. Check out our partners in the sidebar! 12. 133. Posted by 2 days ago. News; Products; Promotions; Events; Videos; English en. 100% Upvoted. Recently I got sober, and I’m craving energy drinks. Eat fast food, and maybe have another monster sometime during the day. Filter by flair. 162. Members .

If you're obese or have a heart condition or smoke cigs it may be a bit worse for you. 3. 130. 130. Took me six months to assemble this masterpiece. Slowed my drinking down, but then I fell back into the alcohol. 10.8k.

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Get up and slam 2 monsters for breakfast. save hide report. Anyone know any good places to find harder to find energy drinks?