Fundrise Fees vs Realty Mogul Fees Realty Mogul Fees. Fundrise vs. RealtyMogul: What Real Estate Crowdfunding Platform is Best? Both platforms are moving the real estate investment space forward and making it easier for sponsors to connect with investors for legitimate property or real estate deals. Investments Offered : Fundrise offers REITs and eFunds. Overall, Fundrise rates 9 out of 10, while RealtyShares ranks 8 out of 10. Fundrise vs. Realty Mogul. When it comes to having support for private REITs, there is a clear division between Fundrise and RealtyShares. Crowdstreet invests only in commercial. Realty Mogul is also memorable based upon what you do and don’t need to join into one of their reliable REITs (named Mogul REIT I and Mogul REIT II). Whether we buy many different stocks or spread our money across different asset classes, diversification is key to a balanced portfolio. Fundrise does have support for private REITs, while RealtyShares does not. The annual fees charged to investors are between 0.30% → 0.50% and you can expect investments to span anywhere from 6 months to approximately 7 years. Accredited Investor Requirement: You must be an accredited investor to use Crowdstreet.

As investors, we are always looking for ways to grow and diversify our portfolios. While you will need to make a hefty $1,000 initial investment in order to get in the front door, you won’t need prior accreditation in order to maintain your standing. Fundrise and Realty Mogul are two of the top US-based real estate crowdfunding platforms out there. Fundrise and Realty Mogul invest in both commercial and residential properties. Realty Mogul offers some investments that are only for accredited investors and others that are open to all.
RealtyMogul vs. Fundrise: The Bottom Line The key with any investment is to invest with the best platform, and I think Fundrise is the best platform for non-accredited investors . Written by .

They were founded in 2012 and are the pioneers in the eREIT product category and they are creating a new Opportunity Fund to take advantage of tax law changes that began in 2018. With the increased number of investing platforms available to investors, offering multiple unique features, deciding on the best platform can be challenging. Fundrise vs Realty Mogul 2020. Compared to many of the best real estate crowdfunding sites, Realty Mogul fees are rock bottom.. If you aren't an accredited investor, then you can only use Fundrise.