It is also very easy to customize to the event, celebration or movie that you are enjoying it with. Place popcorn on a large baking sheet. Serve … Don’t break this popcorn into individual pieces. Some of the sprinkles and snowflake candies will fall off. Drizzle with melted white chocolate and melted dark chocolate. Instructions Step 2 of 5: In a large bowl, gently mix in the melted white chocolate into the popped popcorn. Just change the sprinkles, (and even the color of the popcorn) to match the occasion. And there are reasons for that. Store in an airtight container for up to 2 weeks. Rainbow Sprinkles Popcorn is an easy, delicious treat perfect for movie night, birthday parties and more. *** If you're using a bag of popcorn pour the chocolate into the bag of popped popcorn and hold the bag closed with your hands; shake the bag to coat evenly. Stir in the melted butter. The amount will vary, based on the size of your pot. If you’re in a hurry, you can transfer the popcorn into the fridge to chill even faster. Submit a Recipe Correction Excited to have Laura Kelly here to share the yumminess AND to give away a $250 Visa gift … Give a little shake every so often and remove from the heat when the popping has stopped. Let stand until chocolate is set. Spread onto a cookie sheet then sprinkle with sprinkles.

My friend’s kids are crazy about sprinkles, so I tossed in a lot. They are three of my favourite sweet treats all combined together in one delicious bite. The first, a bag of popcorn. WHAT KIND OF POPCORN SHOULD I USE? On a large baking sheet or bowl, gently mix in the melted white chocolate into the popped popcorn.

The result was incredible and also a major problem. And best of all, this White Chocolate Funfetti Popcorn has sprinkles!

A quick and easy sweet treat made with only 3 ingredients (popcorn, white chocolate, and sprinkles) and 5 minutes. Sprinkle the sprinkles on top and dust with a little salt. White Chocolate Funfetti Popcorn — A quick and easy snack that’s sweet with just a hint of salty. Place popcorn on two large cookie sheets lined with parchment or a baking mat.

popcorn kernels- enough to cover the bottom of your pot; a Dutch oven, or big pot with a lid, preferably with handles; 1 cup of white chocolate or candy melts; fall sprinkles; Directions: Pour enough kernels into the Dutch oven to form a single, solid layer on the bottom of the pot. Popcorn Brownie with White Chocolate. Sprinkle the sprinkles on top and dust with a little salt.

Let cool. Pop popcorn.

Drizzle over the popcorn and mix with a spatula to coat; be careful, it will be very hot.

This white chocolate sprinkles popcorn dessert looks so yummy!

White chocolate Sprinkles Method .

Don't forget it's really important to keep the lid on! White chocolate has a lower melting point, so it can seize easily. Scatter sprinkles over top. Mix everything together until the chocolate and sprinkles are evenly combined. Refrigerate for about 10 minutes until the white chocolate hardens. 3. Toss in the salt and sprinkles. Let popcorn sit for 3-4 hours (or until dry). popcorn; white chocolate; sprinkles; There are also only 3 steps to making this awesome popcorn treat. Evenly spread popcorn onto a baking sheet and add confetti sprinkles. I could not be controlled… it was square after square of White Chocolate Marshmallow Popcorn goodness going into my mouth and there was no end in sight. That’s it!

Does anyone else ever hit the middle of the afternoon and just need a sweet little pick me up? When chocolate is melted, stir until smooth. For this sweet white chocolate popcorn, I’ve used two kinds of popcorn. A little bit different but a whole lot delicious.