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NIC MAP Products. First-quarter 2017 investment return data for the NCREIF-reported seniors housing properties totaled 3.62%, made up of a 1.37% income return and a 2.25% capital return, NIC adds. Since the mid-’90’s, total returns for senior housing have exceeded those of core CRE asset classes: for the years 2007-2017, annualized total return for senior housing was 14.7%, compared to 8.1% for apartments and 8.3% for industrial space, per NCREIF indices . Third-quarter investment return data for the NCREIF-reported seniors housing properties equaled 2.73%, composed of a 1.38% capital return and a 1.36% income return. It was the first negative capital return since the second quarter of 2012 and compared poorly to the 0.30% increase in apartments and 0.69% increase in the total NPI. Professional; Local; Fundamentals & Insights; Compare Product Offerings; Reports; Metro Coverage Map; Resource Center. However, industrial total … The NCREIF Property Index is a quarterly time series composite total rate of return measure of investment performance of a very large pool of individual commercial real estate properties acquired in the private market for investment purposes only.

First-quarter investment return data for the NCREIF-reported seniors housing properties equaled 1.17%, composed of a 1.36% income return a negative 0.19% capital return. Returns Strong. NIC Notes Blog; Senior … NCREIF Property Index Returns.

During May 2019, the FTSE EPRA Nareit (FEN) Global Developed Index posted a 0.4% return compared to a loss of 5.7% from global equities and a gain of 1.8% from global bonds. Market Fundamentals; NIC MAP FAQs; Glossary; Talk to a Product Expert; NIC MAP Login; Store; Blog.

11 VALUATION OF SENIORS HOUSING PROPERTIES | ZACH BOWYER, MAI Capitalization Rate Trends & Outlook INDUSTRY OVERVIEW Source: NIC, Senior Care Investor, and CBRE Econometric Advisors 0.00 2.00 4.00 6.00 8.00 10.00 12.00 14.00 16.00 The annual total return through the first quarter of 2017 was 12.72%, overshadowing the NCREIF Property Index (NPI) result of 6.89% and the apartment result of 6.22%. A retirement community or independent living facility is a residential or housing community that is usually age-restricted (e.g., aged 55 and older) with residents who are partially or fully retired and can generally care for themselves without regular nursing or other routine medical assistance.

Let’s look at returns for some of the public companies, public REIT’s and some private deals to get a deeper understanding. The performance of the first five months of the year was good with a return of 16.1%, benefitting from higher returns in January and March. The returns include investments reported to NCREIF; they are self-reported so there are publicly traded senior living companies and REIT’s and various forms of private ownership in this set of numbers.