Symbol Name Image References Flag: Flag of the United States: Seal: Great Seal of the United States (obverse)(reverse) National bird: Bald eagle: National mammal: North American bison France gave the statue to America in 1884 as a symbol of friendship. There are many symbols that represent the United States of America. 1: National Animal of United States of America (USA) The American bison is the national animal of USA.

National Symbols of USA. This National Monument was a present from France to the USA.

The stars are six and five in numbers alternately … The National Flag of USA has thirteen equal horizontal stripes with alternate colours red and white. It has a blue rectangle in the top left corner of the flag with 50 white pointed five-stars arranged in nine horizontal rows. National Emblem: Great Seal of the USA Three drafters (Dr. Franklin, Mr. Adams, and Mr. Jefferson) of the Declaration of Independence, in 1776, were made into a committee to create a Seal for the United States of America. A "National Garland of Flowers" created for the 1893 World's Fair in Chicago (made of representative flowers from each state) was the inspiration for adopting official state flowers.This began a trend that led to the adoption of official state birds, state trees, and all the unique state symbols recognized today.

Liberty carries the torch of freedom — in her right hand. In her left hand she is holding a tablet with the inscription «July 4, 1776» — American Independence Day.