References. Al Somal N et al. Manuka Honey Benefits for Wounds and Cuts. Methylglyoxal (MGO) has been demonstrated to be the naturally occurring compound that makes Manuka honey so special. In today's world with growing concern over antibiotic resistant staph and bacteria, scientists are taking another look at honey and its extraordinary qualities, being specifically interested in Manuka Honey Benefits. Manuka Honey Benefits. Here are the studies we reviewed to make sure we gave you true and trusted information about the potential health benefits of New Zealand Manuka Honey. Beverages. But manuka honey is thought to be an even stronger infection fighter, and some studies suggest that manuka honey's benefits extend to treating skin problems and complications from diabetes. Mānuka honey is a monofloral honey produced from the nectar of the mānuka tree, Leptospermum scoparium.There is no conclusive evidence of medicinal or dietary value in using mānuka honey other than as a sweetener.The word mānuka is the Māori name of the tree; the spelling manuka (without a macron) is common in English. Manuka honey from New Zealand has potent antibacterial properties that can help treat cuts, improve skin, and bolster gut health. Manuka honey requires special care and expertise to optimise and protect its special natural properties. 4. Manuka honey is beneficial in reducing the microbial agents in the scars an injury which slow down the process of wound healing and treating of burns and cuts. Manuka Gold Active UMF 10+ honey, £8.39 at Waitrose, health food stores and (0870 850 7114) For more information about Manuka honey, visit Honey is commonly added to tea, and manuka honey is a great alternative, as it will provide even more of an immune system boost with your cup of tea.. Medicine.

Manuka honey has been found to have various biological activities, including antioxidant, antimicrobial and anti-proliferative capacities. Find out more here. We are working with the top Manuka Honey producers and have the biggest premium Manuka Honey range around. It is one of the best Manuka honey uses. The benefits of medicinal honey have been known for over 4,000 years after the Egyptians started to apply honey on wounds. MGO is formed in the honey from Manuka nectar, and as the honey ripens, the MGO content can increase. (1994). Manuka honey minimizes the growth of bacteria and enhances the healing process of the wounds and cuts. Scientists try to use Manuka honey in the area of tissue engineering to design a template for regeneration.