This post may contain affiliate links. I've been making this Mandarin Orange Salad Recipe … This mandarin orange romaine salad recipe comes from my sister, Elaine, and is my type of salad…it is easy and delicious, and makes a refreshing change from Caesar salad. Orange Fluff or Orange Fluff Salad, or Mandarin Orange Salad are all the same simple recipe. We make a small commission if you buy the products from these links (at no extra cost to you). Even your pickiest of eaters will eat this Fluff Recipe, we promise. Mandarin Orange Salad is one of my favorite green salads. The sprouts, red onions, and pine nuts will form a sort of buffer to keep the lettuce and spinach dry. Just don’t tilt the jar until it is time to eat, and you’ll be all set! To top it all off, glazed sliced almonds.

It is great for entertaining. Mandarin Orange Romaine Salad. The addition of oranges and candied almonds to the mix is fantastic! Time includes chill time for the dressing. separated from the greens. Salad Ingredients . The key to keeping this Sunshine Mandarin Orange Salad in a Jar fresh and crisp is to keep the wet ingredients (the dressing and mandarin slices!) With only 5 ingredients this side dish is perfect. This is a beautiful tossed salad with spinach, romaine, and mandarin oranges with a sweet, sour, slightly spicy dressing.
Along the same type of Salad is also my other favorite, Pistachio Fluff Salad. I first made this in culinary school, and I have made it many times. The mandarin oranges' color just pops against the greens.