It is also used as a charm to keep snakes away. A remedy concocted out of the leaf and root is also used in treating snakebites as well as a natural remedy or charm to keep snakes away. The shrub grows 3 to 6 ft tall by 1.5 to 3.5 feet wide.
Leonotis leonurus contains a chemical constituent leonurine that has been reported to be used in traditional medicine for curing a wide range of ailments including headaches, coughs, fever, asthma, haemorrhoids and dysentery. They turn brown and stay on the plant and detract from the unusual flower form. Leonotis Leonurus Alba Also known as: White Lion's Tail /Ear, Wild Dagga ('wild cannabis') This upright shrub from South Africa has eye-catching white flowers and makes for a wonderful garden focal point. The fuzzy white flowers of Leonotis leonurus alba should only be used where there is time to remove the spent blooms. From United States; 5 graines de QUEUE DE LION (Leonotis Leonurus)X113 LION 'S TAIL SEEDS SEMI SAMEN.
Leonotis Species, Lion's Tail, Wild Cannabis, Wild Dagga, White Lion's Ear Leonotis leonurus var.

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The picked and dried leaves are commonly brewed as a tea. C $4.22; Buy It Now +C $24.34 shipping; 260 Sold . From United States; Dagga X2 Wild Dagga Klip Dagga (Leonotis leonurus) 28g 70ct. Category: Annuals. Leonotis leonurus 'Alba' Category: Perennials. Leonotis Leonurus Alba 10 Seeds, Rare White Lion's Tail / Ear Or Wild Dagga. It is known for its medicinal and mild psychoactive properties. Tropicals and Tender Perennials.

Also referred to as lion's tail, Leonotis leonurus is better known to cannabists as Wild Dagga, the wild cannabis.The name is certainly promising, but the characteristics don't disappoint either, and are the doorway to a plant related to Cannabis sativa that has a lot in common with its homologue.. 0 more photos VIEW GALLERY. Description; Description.

Leonotis Leonurus Alba. C $11.19; or Best Offer; Calculate Shipping ; 18 Sold. The flowers can also be stunning in a flower arrangement. Appears less dry tolerant that the species, needing weekly watering to keep it on the mortal coil. The White Lion's Tail is a little more tender than the orange and prefers a shadier environment. When the White Lion's Tail is in bloom it is a knockout. It's a rather rare variety and hard to find. A white flowered form of the species. Family: Lamiaceae (lay-mee-AY-see-ee) Genus: Leonotis (lee-on-OH-tis) Species: leonurus var. alba. The dried leaves and flowers have a mild calming effect when smoked, except that it has a much less potent high. Leonotis leonurus, also known as lion's tail and wild dagga, is a plant species in the mint family, Lamiaceae.The plant is a broadleaf evergreen large shrub native to South Africa and southern Africa, where it is very common. For a more illustrious description see Leonotis leonurus.