Due to being the positive reincarnation of the completely evil Kid Buu, his name is a result of reversing "Buu". Uub (also credited as "Oob" was included in this set due to his appearance in the GT sagas. Dragon Ball - General This is a split board - You can return to the Split List for other boards. Which is it. Uub (ウーブ) is an Earthling who is the reincarnation Kid Buu. Uub is stuck in the ground, during Goku's taunting. he looks more indian, which makes sense cause its reminescent of the indian guy in the first BT tournament. Uub (ウーブ Ūbu) is a fictional character in the anime and manga series Dragon Ball Z based on the Dragon Ball manga by Akira Toriyama.He also appears Dragon Ball GT by Toei Doga and in Toriyama's self-parody manga, Neko Majin Z.He is an Earthling, and due to being the positive reincarnate of the completely evil Kid Buu, his name is a result of reversing "Buu". Trivia Uuby is based off Uub. racism! Five years (ten in the dub) after the 28 th World Tournament, Uub is now a 15-year-old teen (20-year-old adult in the FUNimation dub) and is seen training with Goku inside Kami's Lookout.The training ends, and Goku tells Uub he is done with his training. He is a teacher in the area where the Majin race inhabit. Originally released in Italy, the second wave of reissues were offered in Spain in 2001. uub is not black. Uuby is an Earthling who appears in Dragon Ball Online. Goku started the path of just seeking out and surpassing the strong when he was just a kid, Uub shows that he realize he can create the Strong by becoming a Teacher/Master, something that has stealthily been built up throughout the series. Uub is kind of the completion of Goku's Character. Is Uub Black, or is he Indian ? uub is buu spelt backwards, majin buu is a demon like monster. the only brown main character in the series and he's a demonic incarnation! Uub when first introduced in the Kid Buu Saga, is very timid in his personality, despite his amazing power, becoming frightened at someone's slight expression.

The figure numeric was number 19 and Uub is seen with his blue Gi as he came standing atop a black round base. Dragon Ball GT Black Star Dragon Ball Saga.