Lol same 하백의 신부 Bride of the water god nam joo hyuk Hahahahaha I just loved this drama and Nam Joon-Hyuk was amazing! In this season, Duk-hwa and his wife, Kim Bo-ok, try something that many retirees have dreamed of: to run a cafe. In Season 1, Lee Duk-hwa, one of Korea's great actors, tried to be a YouTuber. They were box office hits, and hugely popular among high school students of that generation.

Description: Duk-hwa TV continues! Living with the Goblin and the Grim Reaper, Deok-hwa learns of their true identities, and the trio grow to be strong friends. Some fans theorise that Yoo Deok Hwa may be the God because of various scenes and cultural hints in the show.

Thirdly, Deok-hwa recognizes Shin as Goblin without anyone cluing him into it (either that, or he is a very adroit young boy). Four years later, He and actress Im Ye-jin starred in “Never Forget Me” and its sequel “I Am Really Sorry”.

Lee Deok-hwa studied theater and film at Dongguk University, and made his acting debut in 1972. Guardian: The Lonely and Great God ... Goblin's nephew Yoo Deok-Hwa (Yook Sung-jae) leases the Goblin's house to a grim reaper (Lee Dong-wook) and the two end up living under the same roof. Summary: In which instead of Yeo, Deok Hwa remembers and he will do anything to get his family back, including bargaining with a god and catching a grim reaper. Actually they cut out some vital bits with Deok Hwa which was in the script. Buy 'Deok Hwa' by Emily Anne as a Sticker, Transparent Sticker, or Glossy Sticker Follow.

Deok-hwa's Cafe. BRIDE OF THE WATER GOD IS LIT. Other name: 덕화다방. The movie is about how to dealt with teenagers’ aspirations and romance. Recurring. After the drama "Athena the goddess of war. Author Notes: After years of hiatus, I'm back. Sunny is a charismatic young lady who runs a chicken shop in which Ji Eun-Tak works as a part timer. Discover (and save!)

The clues: his very impressive and god-like abilities to stop time and quote back things Kim Shin and Wang Yeo have said. We dont see Deok hwa age, but there is this cool post which talks about the parts about Deok-Hwa missed in the script.

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", "Gwanggaeto the Great ', 'Incarnation of Money', 'Empress Ki', "God of business", It appeared like "gaekju" and are recognized for acting. PRAISE JUNGUS FOR GOOD KDRAMAS.

Lastly, Deok-hwa locates Eun-tak almost immediately, and note that there is a scene of a white butterfly flying about in Pyongyang Ski Resort, where Eun-tak is temping.

(The old butler dude in the end is purportedly deok hwa's grandson). Lee Deok-hwa Lee Ji-hyun's daughter to debut in 2008 ohyang Fri station SBS 'aeja's older sister, was followed by a talk with his father actor Lee Deok-hwa women. For their new challenge, the couple prepares thoroughly, from market research to employment. Character: Kim Shin, Ji Eun Tak, Wang Yeo, Sunny and Deok Hwa. It is later revealed that God had taken over his body for a period of time. God Edit. Canon divergent, speculative episode 14. Tv Series: Goblin: The Lonely and Shining God . Secondly, Deok-hwa is always in blue or red, which in Korean folklore, are the colours of the Elder God Wol-ha.

Jan 4, 2017 - This Pin was discovered by Fanny. flowercaps: me when i go out - Kdramas and Stuff Lol same habaek Every single day, same mood Captures my most common emotion perfectly. Confirmed at the end of the show, when God reveals He is inside of Deok Hwa's body.