Overtime for IHSS providers was a hard fought, much deserved victory for us all. CHAPTER 3 ASSESSMENT STANDARDS & AUTHORIZED SERVICES IHSS PROGRAM GUIDE 3-F1 03/2009 ASSESSMENT OF CHILDREN/RELATED ISSUES Introduction This section provides information on: • • • Assessing children for IHSS.

Assessment of children when custodial care is performed by the natural or adoptive parent versus a legal guardian. IHSS regulations impose additional requirements on parent providers for minors when there are two parents in the household.

State law and regulations do not require that you left full-time employment at a particular time or for a particular reason. Under the regulations, a parent may receive a payment for as an IHSS provider under a two parent household only when all of the following conditions are met: As an IHSS employee (with the exception of a parent provider for a minor dependent child), if you become totally disabled or retire and meet certain requirements, these benefits are available to you. Finally, after decades of exclusion from this basic labor protection, homecare providers, like most other workers, will be paid time and a half for overtime hours starting February 1, 2016. How much does IHSS Pay in California? You can be the IHSS provider even if you have never worked.

Refer to Chapter 2 for policy and eligibility requirements. MPP 30-763.453. The only requirement is that you are prevented from obtaining full-time employment because of the care your child needs now.

Procedures for an IHSS applicant/recipient … When IHSS rules changed to allow Medi-Cal funding for parent providers, these payments became income and property exempt under all of the state’s Medi-Cal programs for IHSS provided to children under 21. They include a monthly retirement or disability payment to you or your dependents. You should contact your local Social Security Good news for IHSS parent and grandparent providers! (30-763.1) Determining Needs for the Functionally Impaired The Social Worker will … IMPLEMENTATION OF THE NEW MINOR RECPIENTS LIVING WITH PARENT(S) REGULATIONS (MANUAL OF POLICY AND PROCEDURES (MPP) SECTIONS 30-763.44 - 30.763.457 REFERENCE: WELFARE AND INSTITUTIONS CODE (WIC) SECTION 12300(e ) Purpose The purpose of this ACL is to transmit the amended In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS) Minor Recipients Living with Parent… Similar to SSI, IHSS offers financial benefits to families with children with special needs. Under the regulations, a parent may receive a payment for as an IHSS provider under a two-parent household only when all the following conditions are met: The parent provider leaves, or is prevented from obtaining fulltime employment because no other suitable provider is available and the inability of the parent provider to provide services may result in inappropriate placement or inadequate care,