Product Idea. Support your favorite ideas. SHOP. Take some time to get good pictures, and write a good description, or your idea will probably not make it off the ground.

Ever since the LEGO Ideas platform became available to the public, I’ve been thinking about submitting a product idea that could potentially become a future LEGO set. Enter A. Get votes for your idea. Before You Get Started. We want you to have a good experience here. You don't have to submit an idea to participate. LEGO IDEAS. Submit your idea to LEGO Ideas. Tell your friends, and spread it on Facebook or other social … And if you like something, make sure you hit the 'Support' button and help your favorite submissions on their way to perhaps becoming real LEGO Ideas products. However, I didn’t want to just throw anything up there. LEGO IDEAS invites you to submit new, original, and creative ideas in the form of a “Product Idea” that others vote on and we consider as potential new brick-based LEGO playsets. Putting my best foot forward was a priority if I wanted my project to have a chance at success. There are a few things you should know before you begin. Skip to main content Notifications. Be a star and sign autographs for your fans at the official LEGO Ideas signing event. The way LEGO Ideas works is that ideas that can get 10,000 supporters (votes) in a year will get put into a review process. Meet LEGO Fan Designers "I was very happy about it as I wasn't really expecting it to reach 10,000. You are here: Customer Service Help Topics {{pageGeneralData.HeaderMainText}} {{contextHeader}} {{pageSearchData.HeaderText}} Enter An. Q: “How do I submit an idea to Lego?” On the LEGO Ideas site, go to the login page and create an account. The best way to get votes is to share your idea. It takes a lot of time and energy to build, submit, and promote a good product idea. Community How It Works Submit A. Contest. You can look through other people's proposals and discover how amazingly imaginative and skillful LEGO fans are.

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