Here are detailed instructions on how to prune back your Lavender to keep its shape, encourage repeat blooming and to maintain vigor. You can prune Spanish lavender by grasping the dead blooms with one hand and using clippers to cut them from the plants. Well it really isn't a big deal to get uptight about. Posts about Lavender written by paulinecaines. Cooking our way through the alphabet Menu Growing Spanish lavender is a good alternative to the more common English lavender if you live in a warmer climate. Lavender can be cut back to about two-thirds of their original size. How and when to prune lavender varies depending on the type of lavender you’re growing. ENGLISH LAVENDER (Lavandula angustifolia) This is the classic English lavender is beloved not only for it’s memorable fragrance, but also for the silvery foliage and stems that add texture to a border. Here are tips for the three most common ones. In appearance, Spanish lavender is similar to other varieties, growing in small shrubs that make great low hedges or bed borders. Try to avoid cutting back to old wood as the lavender may never recover. Or, like my husband, you can take a small hedge clipper and cut the shrub into a rounded shape.

Learn How to Prune Lavender like a Pro Many people start to feel nervous about pruning Lavender plants. They have the same silvery-green leaves, but one unique characteristic is how it flowers.