It is fun and functional. If you'd like your pouch to be a different size you can adjust the dimensions to suit your needs. hand quilting thread, sew zipper fairly close to teeth, using backstitch, as indicated in photo. I don’t care for the look of two rows of machine stitching going up my back.

I used a green zipper as an accent. Step 6: Enjoy your new … Learn how to sew this easy zipper pouch with lining and flat bottom.

The chap-stick you love, but always lose (then you buy another one only to find it the day after). Zipper pouch supplies needed. Using a zipper foot as a guide along the zipper teeth edge, sew together the zipper …

Sew as close to the zipper as possible. Try to keep the shape a rectangle so you can follow along on how to sew it together in the next few steps. How to Sew a Fabric Pouch.

Size Dimensions: Zipper: 20 cm length Outside Fabric: 18 cm height x 24 cm length ( 2 pieces) Inner Lining: 18 cm height x … Check frequently to make sure you catch edge of binding with every st Done

Stitches, that if not perfectly straight or even, show, no, shout to the world, and the person behind me, their imperfections. Make sure to match the outer fabrics at the zipper and fold the zipper teeth toward the lining. Be sure to taper to 1/2” seam allowance when you get past the zipper on the lining side. Folding those teeth the right way is the key to not having a pinched looking zipper when you sew this. Centre the zipper, teeth side down with zipper pull to the left, aligning the top edges.

You do not want to hit the metal part of the zipper. It is also a perfect fat quarter project. Pinch each of the pouch corners together, as shown in the photo. Dollar bills, bobby pins, loose change, nail clippers, headphones, so many things!

Close the opening with some easy hand stitches – like a slip stitch.

One of the easiest things to sew is a pretty drawstring bag or pouch.
Step 7.

When you hand sew a zipper, the edge goes wavy. Trim. Since I'm right-handed, I normally sew right to left, but for this stitch, Done Once you know how, you can easily sew up 1 or 100 zipper pouches in no time! Two outer fabric pieces – 10 inches long by 11 1/2 inches wide ; Two lining fabric pieces – 10 inches long by 11 1/2 inches wide; Zipper – 10 inches; Cutting mat; Rotary cutter; Clear ruler; Sewing machine; Thread … This is important to get a good look along the top edge for your zippered pouch.

I made this zipper pouch to keep my face masks clean and handy.

The fabrics really make this a fun project. I love making zippered pouches and this half moon zippered pouch was no exception.

When each corner is done, stick your hand through the hole you left open in the lining and pull the pouch through so that it’s right side out!
If you don’t have the right size zipper on hand, learn how to shorten a zipper here. Pin, glue or use clips to secure the lining in place. Remember to … 11. Leave your needle in the fabric when you are turning the corners.