Find activities that will bring you all together as a family, and engage in them regularly. It is very difficult when you have people you love who don't get along. If you feel like one or several immediate family members don't like you, hate you, or treat you poorly, explore the possible reasons for this behavior. That way, they can help you escape if you get cornered into a discussion. Let’s examine that.

The kid can’t stand being around you. Your family toxicity is evident if your family members are controlling, if they blame you for things that aren't your fault, or if you get excessive or unwarranted punishment. Again, regardless of the fact that you actually might be smarter than your family, this will only screw things up more. If you have to deal on an ongoing basis with someone you dislike, it may be helpful to try to put a positive spin on how you perceive them, or at least have fewer negative assumptions about them. For example, if you have a family member who is jealous of your family vacations and makes rude comments about how much money you spend on your vacations you can reflect on her life situation. To deal with relatives you hate, try letting another family member know that you'd like to interact with that person as little as possible. A better series of questions can begin by asking: Is It Useful to Hate My Family? When you start contemplating familial relationships and draw the conclusion that your family hates you, there is a very strong chance you have toxic family dynamics. All of these things affect your health both directly and indirectly. You’re wasting time and energy — theirs and yours — and stopping yourself from moving on. Her husband is out of work and they are unable to take vacations for the time being. That you are smart and your family is stupid. Instead, enlist the help of your partner, family, and friends. Their manipulation, drama, neediness, criticism, jealousy, and other negative traits can drain you emotionally and make you feel bad about yourself. Schedule Regular Family Activities. Try to find a common interest that can help the two of you bond.

If your relatives argue a lot or are rude, don't react with negativity or passive aggression. You knew it was coming eventually, now, suddenly, your child is a teen, and everything about you is annoying or embarrassing—the shirt you’re wearing, the way you walk, the questions you ask, the gifts you buy, the pace at which you spread cream cheese on your bagel. Family dynamics can be complicated and tricky. Make a contract with someone who cares about you, allowing them to catch you in the throes of verbal diarrhea and stop you purging yet again. When someone hates you, their jealousy is exponentially greater, revealing how insecure and unhappy they are with their own lives. Low key: One of my favorite subreddits to browse is one called /r/RaisedByNarcissists.It’s a subreddit that acts as a support group to redditors who were raised by abusive, self-absorbed people, who often care more about their own self-image than how their kids might feel. How to Deal With Family Members Who Stress You Out Better in-the-moment responses towards difficult family members. What can you expect when you do confront a narcissist? Toxic family members cause a lot of stress on you. You may just come away with a solution or realization that allows you … Yes, this kid.

Unsupportive family member advice #4: Cut them loose. You want to prove that you are right and that your family is wrong. Generally, they will resort to narcissistic rage (explosive or passive-aggressive) or denial. How to Deal With a Stepchild Who Hates You By Gabrielle Applebury M.A., Marriage and Family Therapy Adjusting to a new stepfamily may take some time and there may be a period that is perhaps a little rough where you and your stepchild don't click. This brings us to the second reason: people that are severely insecure and unhappy with their own lives are inclined to hate you. Kristina Barroso - November 14, 2017. How to Deal With Family Members That Dislike Your Spouse. Posted Jan 26, 2018

In this case, you are caught in the middle between your spouse and your family. How to Deal With a Stepdaughter That Hates You By .