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Entertainment Weekly gave us a first look at Disney's Aladdin reboot, and fans were shook.The most shocking aspect of the arguably terrible poster was Will Smith's appearance as Genie.Robin Williams' shoes are not easy to fill, but Guy Ritchie's imagination of the character has left fans with a lot of questions, complaints, and, of course - some brilliant memes. Share on Pinterest. Best Collection Of Funny Jafar Pictures. From Genie (Will Smith) and Aladdin's (Mena Massoud) costumes to hot Jafar (Marwan Kenzari), the internet has thoughts... Disney is really coming through with their live-action remakes right now. Top April Top March Top February Top January Top Dec. 2019 Top Nov. 2019 Top Oct. 2019 Top Sep. 2019 Top Aug. 2019 Top July 2019 Top June 2019 Top May 2019 Top 2019 Top 2018 Top 2017 Top 2016 Top 2015 Top 2014 Top 2013. more. Smug Jafar Meme Generator The Fastest Meme Generator on the Planet. NSFW "jafar" Memes & GIFs.

Over the past few years alone, the popular company has blessed us with new adaptations of animated classics including the likes of The Jungle Book, Beauty and the Beast and Sleeping Beauty. And they are obsessed. Jafar And The Genie Are Absolutely Shocked Disney Has Found Its Live-action Jafar And Twitter Wants ABSOLUTE MEMES Image Memes At Relatably.com Created 20 Years Before "Aladdin" Gets Accused Of Being Meme. Share on Facebook. When Jafar surrounded Aladdin with a ring of fire and my daughter said Why didnt he just put all the fire on Aladdin. Twitter users have dubbed Marwan Kenzari the "Hot Jafar" in Disney's live-action "Aladdin" remake. Tags: reaction, jafar, surrounded, aladdin, ring, fire, daughter, didnt, animated, gif Easily add text to images or memes.
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