Many health stores regularly stock hemp hearts, but the nation’s largest producer is Manitoba Harvest.

In comparison to chia and flax seeds, these small, but mighty hemp seeds have two times the protein, 40 percent more Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, significantly less carbs, and 70 percent more iron.

The brand features dozens of recipes on how to incorporate hemp seeds into your own menus, ranging from hemp seed-encrusted chicken fingers to hemp-crusted salmon as well as kale and hemp heart pizza. Hemp seeds come from the hemp plant, which is a special variety of cannabis sativa grown mainly for industrial purposes.

Here are 15 easy ways they get down with hemp seeds. For individuals focusing on hemp seeds for their protein content, hulled hemp seeds are a higher quality source of protein. More Fuss Free Hemp Recipes . Hemp is a plant whose seeds can be consumed or used to make food products such as milk and oil. I am a big fan of hemp seeds in recipes, so I asked a few of my low carb friends to share their favourite keto hemp seed recipes too.

Their PDCAAS rating is …

Dairy Free Crispy Keto Chips; Low Carb Keto Microwave Bread The balanced fatty acids also play an important role in reducing the inflammation associated with common skin issues, including atopic dermatitis, pruritic skin disease and granulomas. How to eat hemp seeds?

Contains 18% of your daily calcium requirement. So you can, too. Click To Tweet Chia Seeds: Chia seeds win for highest fibre content!In fact, the fibre is mostly the soluble or the cholesterol lowering kind which helps to fill us up until our next meal, adds bulk to stool and helps to control blood sugars. Hemp seed has long been used in cosmetic products and soaps because the oil can penetrate the inner layers of the skin and promote healthy cellular growth. According to research conducted on whole hemp seeds, they have a protein digestibility of 81.1-86.2% and a PDCAAS value of 0.49-0.53 . We asked Well+Good readers on Instagram.And many weighed in with super smart ideas and recipes. Learn everything you need to know about buying, storing, and working with hemp seeds (aka hemp hearts). Hemp Seeds are a power-packed addition to smoothies, yogurt, salad and more. Find out how chia, hemp and flax compare nutritionally!

Here is a little sampler of how to use hemp seeds in cooking. Here are just a few great recipes using hemp seeds. It provides protein, fiber, and healthy fats, and it may be useful as part of a weight-loss diet.