Aug 7, 2019 - This Pin was discovered by Harry Hopkins. Tank měl zesílený pancíř, což ovšem znamenalo zhoršení jízdních vlastností oproti Tetrarchu. Lehký tank Mk VIII Harry Hopkins vznikl na základě předchůdce Mk VII Tetrarch.První prototyp byl vyroben roku 1941. Name: Harry Hopkins: Type: Light Tank Production Date June 1943 Crew: 3 (In turret) 2 Length 14'-5" Width 8'-4" Height 6'-11.5" Weight: 8.75 The chassis of this tank was used to design a self-propelled gun armed with an howitzer of 95 mm. Like the Harry Hopkins, the Alecto had skid steering, which operated by bowing the tracks through lateral movements of the central road wheels.The gun was mounted in an open-topped structure. Like its predecessors, the A25 was smaller, more vulnerable and less reliable than the opposition’s tanks. VIII Harry Hopkins was a light tank developed by Great Britain in World War II The A25 did not fare much better.

Source: The vehicle was used Alecto 96mm Self-Propelled Gun. It was called the Harry Hopkins after the advisor to President Roosevelt, and was originally known as Tank, Light Mark VII, revised.

Development. Aug 7, 2019 - This Pin was discovered by Harry Hopkins. The Harry-Hopkins and Alecto below, are showed with the white metal wheels from MMS 'Tetrach'. "Light Tank Mk.VIII Harry Hopkins" Profile Image "Light Tank Mk.VIII Harry Hopkins" casual form "Light Tank Mk.VIII Harry Hopkins" combat form "Alecto" Profile Image Arm10210301 Normal.png "Alecto" casual form "Alecto" combat form References .

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The Light Tank Mk VIII 'Harry Hopkins' (A25) was an improved version of the Light Tank Mk VII Tetrarch, but entered production after light tanks had gone out of favour and never saw combat. The Harry Hopkins was also longer than the Tetrarch, making it too heavy to be carried by the General Aircraft Hamilcar.

The A25 Light Tank Mark VIII Harry Hopkins was the last of the Vickers Light series. The British World War 2 Harry Hopkins Light Tank A25.

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Harry Hopkins Light Tank (A.25) Written by Administrator Wednesday, 31 December 2008 19:52 - Last Updated Sunday, 12 August 2012 13:33 Harry Hopkins Light Tank (A.25) Name Harry Hopkins Type Light Tank Production Date June 1943 Crew 3 (In turret) 2 Length 14'-5" Width 8'-4" Height 6'-11.5" Weight 8.75 Ground pressure8.25 1 / 4 Light Tank —-—-—-A.26: Lightened and Faster Churchill: Infantry Tank: 1941: 1942: 1943: A.27L: Cruiser Mk.

Stay safe and healthy. Harry Hopkins - Airborne Tanks Dutch Ford 1936 with pontoons Dutch Ford51 with DAF Trado Artillery Tractor Masters by HenkofHolland Available by 'Giesbers Models' Click on the Pictures. Dutch Vickers Amphibian Tank - used in the Netherlands-Indie - kit 016. your own Pins on Pinterest. During the early design phase, the light tank concept was out of favor due to the losses in France the prior year, and ongoing problems with the vehicle’s development, which led to large delays.

The failed Harry Hopkins tank was the forefather of the A46 Light tank. The Mk VIII began life as a modified version of the older tank, with the designation Tank, Light Mk VII revised.

VIII Harry Hopkins: The Harry Hopkins, final British light tank built. Cruiser Tank: 1941: 1942: 1943: A.27M: Cruiser Mk. The design was submitted to the War Office in September 1941 and 1,000 tanks were ordered the same month, later being increased to 2,410 in December.

AKA the Light Tank Mark VIII, it was the successor to the Tetrach and used a similar 4 road wheel Christie type suspension. your own Pins on Pinterest. The A25 Light Tank Mk. Please wash your hands and practise social distancing. Alecto was a Harry Hopkins without turret, equipped with an open superstructure.