The oil and vinegar won't hold together as well, but it'll still taste good. Mustard powder provides food with a pungent, tangy burst of acidity and a mild heat that can cut through the fat in meat dishes or add a distinctive sharpness to macaroni and cheese. Then, omit one teaspoon of liquid from your recipe to compensate for the extra liquid in the substitute. Another option is to use a commercially prepared mustard as a substitute. It is the ground seeds of the mustard plant and you can use it to make a host of savory dishes. Yellow mustard is dry, ground mustard mixed with vinegar, which is what gives it that tangy flavor. For Salad Dressings/Vinaigrettes - Omit the mustard from vinaigrettes. If a a person only has mustard seeds instead of ground mustard, then he can grind up some of the seeds and use this as a replacement. honey mustard), it's best to choose another recipe, until you can get to the store for more mustard.

Mustard powder is also known as ground mustard or dry mustard. Replace each teaspoon of ground mustard called for with one tablespoon of prepared mustard. It's sometimes made with ground mustard. Yellow mustard is your best bet, though most recipes will turn out just fine with other common mustards like dijon or spicy brown. To substitute for the condiment, first decide whether the reason yellow mustard was called for was for the bite, or for the flavor of mustard itself. For salad dressings where mustard is a main ingredient (i.e. Some substitutions for ground mustard are mustard seeds, commercially prepared mustard, wasabi powder or horseradish powder.