Overwintering. Feb 15, 2016 - Gerbera daisies perform as perennials within its hardiness zones and as annuals in cooler areas where freezes are common.

Gerbera daisy is classified as an annual, but it actually tolerates temperatures as low as 30 degrees F, which means in the warmest parts of the country, it behaves like a perennial. African daisy is reliably winter-hardy in Zones 9 to 11, which corresponds to Central and South Florida, the Coastal South and parts of the Desert Southwest and Southern California. Feb 15, 2016 - Gerbera daisies perform as perennials within its hardiness zones and as annuals in cooler areas where freezes are common. This is some info I found searching for gerber daisy: Planting Zones for Gerbera Daisy Flowers: Gerbera daisy flowers are grown as perennials in zones 9-11.

Height – 12 to 16 inches (30 to 40 cm) Exposure – sun or light shade Soil – normal to acidic. Potted gerbera daisies will bloom at any time of the year in shades of red, yellow, orange or white. The flowers grow at the top of long, thin stems with vivid, symmetrical petals. Its blooms come in many different colors so they are very varied and can truly make your home look more stunning. The plant, also known as Transvaal daisy, is a gorgeous houseplant you can grow in many different conditions. The gerbera daisy is hardy to 28 degrees Fahrenheit and enjoys full sun to partial shade. Gerbera Daisy Care Remember your gerbera is coming from the Goldilocks zone of a greenhouse, where the temperature, humidity, and moisture levels are not too high and not too low, but just right. Foliage – evergreen Flowering – May to October Stay safe and healthy. Gerbera daisy plants should be kept at temperatures between 40 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit when flowering. Warning Do not allow moisture to accumulate on any of the foliage when watering or fungal diseases may develop. Gerbera Daisy (Gerbera jamesonii) is a gorgeous plant that gives beautiful, daisy-like flowers. Elsewhere, they are treated as annual plants. Name – Gerbera jamesonii Garvinea ® hybrid Family – Asteraceae (the daisy family) Type – perennial. In zone 8 some homeowners report success in growing gerbera daisy flowers as perennials, especially if garden mulch is used. Technically, gerbera daisies are perennials, but they are commonly treated like annuals.

Is a gerbera daisy annual or perennial? Daisies act as a perennial flowering plant if you grow in the USDA zone regions of 8-11. It thrives in well-drained, warm, rich soil and requires twice-weekly watering.
A garvinea flower is a variety of Gerbera that is hardy and can thus be grown in the garden anytime of the year.. Key Garvinea facts. When it arrives in the imperfect conditions of your yard, it will likely experience a panic attack. Removal of … This is a perfect plant for those who wish to have colorful flowers in their home. You can plant it in your garden and expect it bloom year after year.