Shop online now for your special Mixed Baklava Mini Tray 11oz. Very chic and clean place and they have maintained it very well. Produced daily and fresh in Richmond, CA. All the pastries at Sweetland are handmade as can be seen from the gallery of photos of a tour of the bakery, based in Park Royal in West London. Sweetland is a family owned business having been founded by Houssam Haddad in 1997 and then subsequently joined by his brothers Akram and Wassim who are all still together today. Ship anywhere. The layers are soaked in a syrup made with honey or sugar and may be sprinkled with lemon juice.

It's a small joint which is near to Shadab in Banjara hills.

Shop online. Baklava King was founded on June 2002 in San Diego and since then it has been serving San Diegans with gourmet baklava and borek pastry varieties made with finest all natural ingredients. Baklava was really fresh and had amazing taste. Now, our internet sales department makes it possible for all Americans to enjoy our fine products nationwide. 27 Piece Mixed Baklava Half Tray 30oz. 24 Piece Baklava Pistachio Half Tray 38oz. The pastry layers are baked and then cut … Check out a variety of Baklavas, Boureks, Dolmas, Gluten-Free Cookies and Other Sweet and Savory Treats. Oh my God! From our pastries to pita bread, each product is crafted with care using only real and simple ingredients to ensure you enjoy pure, old-world quality with each bite. 12 Piece Maamoul Walnuts 34oz. Please email your CV to.
Simurgh Bakery baklava made with FRESH phyllo dough and Antep pistachios. You Are Here : Home : Arabic & Middle Eastern Food Store : Baklava and Sweets Online. Our food philosophy begins at the table. It was fried and made with ghee in front of us and it smelled amazing and was waiting to get my hands on it. At MASTIHA, we are committed to producing quality goods entirely from scratch. 12 Piece Maamoul Mixed 34oz. 12 Piece Maamoul Pistachio 32oz. Sharing amazing dishes is a tradition our families continue to build upon year over year. Free UK Delivery on some products. Buy Baklava Online UK | Chateaudemed Mediterranean delicacies, freshly baked baklava sweets, authentic Turkish delight, Medjool dates, roasted nuts, organic olive oil soap from Nablus. There is a bakery in Michigan that ships with ups and it's called Mid-East Pastry Delights and it is the best hands down lebanese baklava. Baklava. A traditional Middle Eastern sweet pastry made up of layers of filo pastry brushed with melted butter and sweetened chopped nuts. Cheese kunafa then! Kind and honorable treatment of our customers and communities is at the heart of everything we do. 12 Piece Maamoul Dates 34oz. They offer different sizes trays and is delivered depending on zip between 1 to 4 business days.