So far I haven't killed a lavender hedge by following this principle. French lavender is considerably more heat-tolerant than English lavender, thriving in USDA zones 8 to 11. How to Plant A Lavender Hedge. Leave a Comment by Matt Gibson.

The rule I follow is that I cut back as far as I can so long as I see at least some leaves (often tiny) and no further. The scent, of course, is second to none and used to edge a path or border or to create a low hedge you are going to send the scent up as soon as you brush past it. French lavender and most of the new style French variants can be pruned back quite far and still come back. Lavender Hedge. Lavenders or Lavandula have long been a popular garden plant used to create a flowering hedge and an equally as popular, timeless choice for low hedging.

Does Lavender Make Good Hedges? Its sweet smell and beautiful color brighten any home garden. Scent and color aside, lavender is a hard worker too, providing flowers for cooking, crafting, and herbal preparations. Planting a Lavender Hedge.

Lavender (Lavandula) is a fragrant and beautiful evergreen shrub known for its spires of dark-green to silvery gray foliage, each crowned with light purple flowers. Lavender also mounds nicely into hedges to enhance your garden. As far as hedging plants go, there isn’t really anything that is comparable to lavender. In fact, it is grown in hedges as a way of farming it for the flowers.. Make a beautiful windbreak for your garden There are few herbs that bring as much delight as lavender. Whether you are looking for a dark purple, rich blue or white variety, Lavender hedging is prevalently used in herb gardens, garden borders, kitchen gardens, modern contemporary schemes and container hedging, planted in troughs or …