The Lotus is used as a symbol in ancient Egyptian art representing the sun, of creation, rebirth and was a symbol of Upper Egypt. Egyptian Symbols Egyptian Art Blue Lotus Tattoo Floral Motif Floral Design Lilies Drawing Sibling Tattoos Illumination Art Mediums Of Art This custom handmade guitar strap proclaims its uniqueness in a rich array of exquisitely detailed lotus imagery drawn from the classic art found in Ancient Egyptian temples and pyramids The Their stalks rise about two feet (60 cms) above the water. egyptian lotus flower | Egyptian Woman Collecting Lotus Flowers by the Nile 8x10 (Original . This Egyptian artwork shows the Priest Nebsini holding a blue lotus flower As mentioned in the introduction above about the meanings of the lotus flower… The lotus is a sacred flower in some cultures and has been featured in ancient Egyptian art. The American Lotus is related to the East Indian Lotus - we also know it as a yellow water lily. The lotus flower is a very familiar sight along the Nile River and its streams. As a symbol of the sun it is closely associated with Atum-Ra, the Sun god and later with Nefertum, lotus god of perfume.