When you are learning about a prospective institution of higher education, it helps to be able to identify what type of school it is and if that is the right choice for you. for admission to start the program.

I went to a K-8 school, but it did have different terms for what the grades were. The courses your teen takes will also vary depending on his plans beyond high school. Here are brief descriptions of the most common types of colleges and universities you will come across as you decide what to do after high school: Education After High School. Now that you have a basic education, you get to decide how to build on it. Graduating from high school is a momentous transition. Choosing a school is one of the most important decision you will make in high school. Okay so after high school i wanna join this program that my friend told me about its where for like a year or two you go overseas and stuff and help rebuild homes and schools and villages but i need more info and i don't remember what its called. Every state has different requirements for obtaining a high school diploma. In India 11th and 12th classes are called ‘Higher Secondary Course’ or HSC. High School in India stops at 10th class. You might go to a college or university. Post-secondary education is a big investment of time, money, and effort, so choose your school wisely. After that, I went to a different school for high school… Also known as chuzhong (初中)in China. That, in and of itself, can be a stressful thought, though. Gone are the days of compulsory learning. You sometimes can get a license or certification from a career school or trade school in one or two years. Children between ages six and thirteen are also offered out-of-school care before and after school hours. It's a year after 12th grade that some prep boarding schools offer, to give students a little more time to get ready for college. There is also something called a Post-Grad Year or Post-Graduate Year. For some, the idea of continuing their education after high school is a scary thought. It is called ‘Secondary School leaving certificate’. Primary education lasts 6 years and it is intended for children aged 6-12. Post high school education just means education after high school -- such as college or trade school. Senior (Upper) Secondary School. Gymnasium (upper secondary school or high school, years 10–12) is optional.

Compulsory education also includes sameskolor (Sami schools) for children of the indigenous Sami people. Upper secondary school. Paying for school comes closely after.