One note before I begin: If you love both majors, do both! Majors & Minors. The classes that matriculated in 2016, 2017, and 2018 can use either these new requirements or the previous requirements.. We offer both a Bachelor of Science and a Bachelor of Arts in Statistical Science. The Department of Economics offers a bachelor of arts (B.A.) in Environmental Sciences and Policy prepares students to be science-literate decision makers. As one of the country’s premier research institutions, Duke encourages original inquiry and independent thought.
Major in Economics, Finance Concentration 3-4 math courses 1 statistics course 6 core courses in economics 3 finance electives 2 economics electives B.A. The major in Statistical Science is structured to teach students about the discipline of statistics and provide them with an opportunity to develop a substantial undergraduate research experience.

In fact, our undergraduate students have made major research discoveries and pioneered new directions of thought across disciplines—from art history to economics to biology. SOO many students double major (including myself in Econ/CS) and wouldn't have it any other way. Economics courses develop the critical and analytical skills essential for understanding economics and institutions, in both their contemporary and historical settings. Credential Requirements B.S. majors. at duke kunshan university, each major consists of an interdisciplinary set of courses that integrate different forms of knowledge and a distinct set of … Visit Duke; Tuition & Financial Aid; Degrees & Credentials. Major Requirements Worksheet. Areas of specialization include: microeconomics; macroeconomics; econometrics; economic development; environmental economics; health economics; international economics; public finance; industrial organization; history of economic thought; labor economics; and financial economics.

4 Things to Know about Choosing a Major; Career Paths; Interdepartmental Major; Program II; Certificate Programs; For Current Students. (with MSC Concentration) Major Requirements Worksheet A.B. Courses ; How to Apply. degree, as well as a finance concentration for B.S. majors and minors in economics and finance. Beginning with the class that matriculated at Duke in 2019, the requirements below define the BS degree. Hello, I am actually an economics major (concentration in finance) at Duke currently so I might be able to provide some type of insight into the major and department! Most graduate classes are sufficiently small so that each student gets individual faculty Major in Economics 3-4 math courses 1 statistics course 5 core courses in economics 5 economics electives B.S. Archives Alive Courses; Culture Shock Tool; House Courses. Major Worksheets.

degree and a bachelor of science (B.S.) The Bachelor of Arts (A.B.) B.S. Academic Deans; Courses. in Environmental Sciences & Policy.