Pimps, hookers, and drug dealers owned the night. He was born April 8, 1974 in Newburgh, NY, the son of the late Robert Williamson and Wendy Nocar. The Bronx is mother,” said Willie Ching-a-Ling, a club member, who, following the Ching-a-Ling tradition, adopted the group’s name while speaking to the press. During the 1830s & 1840s the street gangs and political leaders worked together in a variety of illegal racquets.

Bill Ray photo.

Long Island City,NY.


Street gangs in New York City.

This was New York City in the 70's.

Mr. Josh Williamson of Port Jervis, NY died Saturday, January 31, 2015.

Local Business Random killings by the "Son of Sam" made New Yorkers even more fearful. Chuck Zito Hells Angels.

Ching-A-Ling Nomads MC History. The "Black Spades" was one of the largest and most violent Black street gangs in NYC during the 70's. Charles Carmine Zito Jnr. He was 40. Mar 18, 2012 - Hells Angels and, a member of the Galloping Gooses. Chuck Zito is an actor on the tv show Sons of Anarchy, stuntman, former bodyguard and a former Hells Angels MC New York Nomads chapter President.. Chuck Zito Hells Angels – Early Life / Personal Life. Ching-A-Ling was founded in New York City, New York in 1966. was born on 1 March, 1953 in New York.

Crime was rampant, and the police were powerless to stop it. Mei Jung Mei Chinese Restaurant.

Ching-A-Ling was founded in New York City, New York in 1966. Ching-A-Ling Nomads MC, New York, New York. 698 likes. New York City has a 200 year history of street gangs going back to the early 1800s.