, going north to the of Gulf Carpentaria lowlands. The Central Lowlands region stretches from Australia's largest river basin, the Murray-Darling, through the Great Artesian Basin ( which is one of the largest artesian groundwater basins in the world which covers 1 711 000 square kilometres.) The Central Lowland is a flat-lying region located between the Appalachian Mountains to the east and the Great Plains to the west (Figure 4.5). In the southern part of the lowlands the grass gets high enough for farmers to raise cattle and sheep. Wheat is often grown here.

The Carpentaria and Eyre basins are separated by such minute residual relief elements as Mount Brown and Mount Fort Bowen in northwestern Queensland. Australia - Australia - The Interior Lowlands: The Interior Lowlands are dominated by three major basins, the Carpentaria Basin, the Eyre Basin, and the Murray Basin. In the northern part of the lowlands it gets drier and it is usually too hot and dry to grow crops. On the mainland, the Central-Eastern Lowlands extend from the Gulf of Carpentaria through Lake Eyre, some 50 feet (15 metres) below sea level, to the Spencer and St. Vincent gulfs near Adelaide. The Wilcannia threshold divides the Eyre and Murray basins, and the latter … It extends from the Canadian Shield in the north to the Atlantic Coastal Plain in the south and is part of the North American craton (the older, stable part of the continent).

Lowlands Tourism: Tripadvisor has 137 reviews of Lowlands Hotels, Attractions, and Restaurants making it your best Lowlands resource. The Lowlands are bounded on the west by the Great Western Plateau—great in extent but not height:…. In Australia: The Quaternary Period. The Central Lowlands consist of very flat plains.Rivers flow through this area after it rains a lot but during the rest of the year the river beds are mostly dry.