Place onion, ginger, garlic, chilli and lime leaves into bowl and chop for 10 seconds on speed 6-7. Reduce the Thermomix to speed 3 at 60°C for 3-4 minutes, and whilst processing, gradually add half the lamb fat/butter mixture in a slow and steady stream. Add Leeks, Onion & Garlic to bowl. Season with additional shoyu and rice vinegar if needed.

2. Add Butter to bowl. Meanwhile, combine the 60°C water and egg yolks in the jug of a Thermomix and process on speed 6 at 60°C for 2 minutes or until mixtures reaches temperature and yolks are pale and fluffy. 1.

Add oil and dry spices and sauté for 3 minutes on Varoma temperature on speed 2. Combine burrata, whey, vinegar, shoyu and sour cream in the jug of a Thermomix and process on speed 6 at 90°C for 4 minutes. 5 Recipe's preparation. Process on speed 10 for 1 minute.

Chop 5secs, speed 5. Cook 5mins, speed 1, 100C, scraping down sides of bowl half way through cooking.

5 Recipe's preparation. A Thermomix ® recipe in the category Main dishes - meat on, the Thermomix ® Community. Sarah Bowles Thermi recipes Vegemite Scrolls, Kitchen Machine, 5 Recipe, Recipe Community, Food N, Baking Pans, Vegetarian, Cheese, Desserts Add the xanthan gum and process on speed 7 with no heat for a further 20 seconds or until xanthan is distributed.