From what I remember, there was a the Pop Shoppe was not a separate store, but distrbuted their product in supermarkets.

The Coca-Cola Company. Lilt Mango and Mandarin Plastic is much easier to carry around than glass. - Duration: 12:30. whiskey bottles. The Sodastream was a big plastic device in which a gas cylinder full of carbon dioxide was inserted.
For instance, the most popular antique bottles are Coke or Pepsi bottles, milk bottles, cologne bottles and fruit jars. It is commonly served in a tall glass over ice. I'm trying to determine an approximate, myself. Malibu bay breeze is a simple Caribbean-inspired cocktail made with two parts coconut rum, four parts pineapple juice and a dash of cranberry juice. The Malibu bay breeze is a bright and fruity drink, perfect for an 80s-themed party. 2. fruit/canning jars. You can still get this but in the 80s and 90s this really was a special treat that we were only ever allowed to have if we went out for a nice meal somewhere posh! I know from a vendor for Coke in the day, larger bottles filled … It was back in the very late 80's. medicine bottles. Food 7-UP carbonated Coca Cola Diana Ross Pepsi Cola Playboy soda soft drinks The Supremes. Non-Alcoholic Drinks. As impossible as it may seem today, Coca-Cola did not originally intend to sell its products in bottles. when there was a switch to 16 oz plastic bottles. 13. bitters bottles.

This was a real treat! You then filled one of the supplied bottles with water, added some concentrate for the drink you desired, put it in the machine, and pressed the magic fizz button on the top a few times.

Let's all raise a glass (or a box, or a squeezy thing, or whatever). Coca-Cola made the switch to PET plastic bottles almost half a century later, in 1993, in order to minimize its environmental impact. mineral/soda water bottles. cola/pop bottles. PET stands for p olyethylene terephthalate, a non-toxic, recyclable form of plastic. The looks of these bottles are often the same but they differ in glass designs and color. Tangy Orangina! Still, the carbonated soft drink line, which was more soda than seltzer (flavors included root beer and vanilla creme), managed to hide its true west coast roots for more than a decade. At the time they found out that plastic was eaiser to recycle than glass and was cheaper to do so .Alot of bottling companys still bottle in both glass … Hutchinson bottles are considered one of the most expensive types of vintage bottle sodas.

Soda bottles will usually have the product label designed in the glass (also known as "raised lettering"), milk bottles will have wide openings and cologne bottles can be small and square-shaped. Guess The 80s TV Show Theme Song! The glass bottle made it taste so much better too!

perfume bottles. ... Old collection of glass pop/soda bottles - Duration: 6:06. Through most of the eighties, soda from the convenient stores came in 14oz glass bottles. Once upon a time it was just a glass bottle or a can with pop-top. We love our fizzy sugary beverages. pontiled bottles.