Calea dream herb is also known as 'dog grass' or Calea zacatechichi ("bitter grass"). Calea zacatechichi has been used for hundreds of years by the Chantal Indians in Mexico, the home of the native herb. More importantly, you will have one of the more genetically diverse calea plants. The plant known as "dream herb", or Calea zacatechichi was traditionally used by the Chontal Natives of Oaxaca, Mexico in the form of a tea. Lucid dreaming is the experience of being awake while dreaming, and having control over what you dream. Calea zacatechichi (Hořká tráva) Calea zacatechichi - rostlina, díky které si lépe pamatujeme své sny a můžeme je vědomě měnit. Achetez Calea Zacatechichi de Mister Maka en ligne sur notre SmartShop! This product is not intended or sold for ingestion by humans or animals. Calea is great for dreamwork especially lucid dreaming and astral travel. Calea zacatechichi measures 1 - 1.5 m in height. By the time your calea plants are about three to four inches, they should be in the clear. SHOP OUR STORE FOR CALEA SEED PODS & LIVE CALEA ZACATECHICHI PLANTS. Whether it's taken as a capsule, made into a tea, or smoked as a cigarette, Calea has been shown to be extremely effective at making dreamtime more accessible during our waking time. La Calea zacatechichi est une plante de la famille des Asteraceae. Calea zacatechichi, seeds Calea zacatechichi belongs to the family of the Asteracae, the daisy family. Na úpatí mexických hor, v nadmořské výšce nad 1 500 m n. m., roste téměř 3 metry vysoký keřík, který nese jméno Calea zacatechichi. I got some calea from an herb shop, 5.75 for 30 grams which I found would be very nice if the effects were good. The Aztec dream herb is used not only for dream induction, Add some Calea to your favorite projects, whether making candles or simply using this as a spiritual smudge to cleanse your inner and outer space. The plant is as well known as dream herb or bitter- grass. Burn this natural incense while searching for your dream world. I was excited about it because of my lack of dreaming, or remembering my dreams. The plant is revered for it's ability to induce powerful, vivid, memorable, and sometimes strangely prophetic dreams. This herb has the potential to give you intensely vivid dreams, improved ability to remember every detail, a deep sense of divine presence and other powerful dream related experiences. And about Calea Zacatechichi on me work very well I got about 4 lucid dreams. The shrub belongs to the sunflower family and grows naturally in the Mexican highlands and certain parts of Costa Rica. Its distribution area ranges from Costa Rica to Mexcio where it mainly grows at a higher alt Traditionally, the plant is smoked before bed.