Learn more. Credibility of saturated fats like desi ghee has been debatable. Desi Ghee is one of the most famous cooking medium in India.

The problem is that finding out whether the ghee is genuine or not is a difficult task. 1. I was interested to find out what are some of the best ghee butters to use. In the past year, people intake desi ghee in a very huge amount and added them in every single dish. Get the shudh desi ghee benefits right at your doorstep.

There are several brands of desi ghee or cow ghee available in the market. Many benefits of Desi cow’s ghee have also been mentioned in Ayurveda. With the galloping increase in the popularity in Desi Ghee of A2 cow, I was also suggested that I use Ghee by one of my friends, who also happens to be a dietician.

Search for “best cow ghee brand in India” and you will find numerous brand claiming that they have the best desi cow ghee. Often wrong and fake information is communicated by many brands to raise sales. This article contains affiliate links. Desi cow ghee for Human Body. The Best Grass-Fed Ghee in 2020 Reviewed. First of all, let us take a look at the nutrient composition of ghee. So how do you compare which is the best one? Since I m myself a producer of cow Ghee,I would like you to just ponder below points. 10 Best Benefits of Desi cow’s pure Ghee. Consumer VOICE has compared top 11 brands of desi ghee to find out the best brand. Apart from substance adulteration,next is species adulteration,where u dont know which species milk you are drinking. Buy your jar of a2 cow ghee … Interesting findings from our test results will reveal how the important determinants of quality vary across brands and which is the best desi ghee brand to buy. 2. What Are the Best Grass-Fed Ghee’s to Buy? Brands Compared: Amul, Britannia, Fresh & Pure, Gowardhan, Milkfood, Mother Dairy, Patanjali, Ananda. Baidyanath, Verka, Anik . Because people love their best taste and pure health value.

1. Desi cow ghee is also known as clarified butter.

If you buy through these links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Comparative Test done by Consumer VOICE has taken 6 desi ghee brands to test including Mothher Dairy, Nestle, Milkgfood and Ananada . It is believed that regular intake of cow’s ghee keeps the amount of cholesterol in the body right. However, in this age of refined oil, people forgot all the benefits of desi cow ghee.

Amrutam Ghee, the best A2 ghee in India, is pure A2 cow ghee made explicitly from A2 cow milk; gir cow ghee, desi cow ghee. Reviewed by the BioHackers Lab Team | Last updated: February 21, 2020.