Get the source on Want a quick answer to a structural loading problem? Then you automatically become part of the large, nationwide safety network. Beam a Buddy. It's GPLv3. In fact, it’s the first screen they see when starting the app. I've found it to be useful and accurate. It's free. Join each other. Want to determine the deflection, shear and moment of a wooden beam in a variety of loading conditions within seconds and check these values at any point along the beam?
"This app is a neat way to help you get a idea of what the beam is going to do and what size is necessary for the job." Clipboard Beam reads your clipboard and beams the content to your buddy with Android Beam™... BTW: You can share ingress passcodes with that app.
Beam a Buddy is an app for and about the safety of the community. "Very good App.

Want to make adjustments and see the effects instantly in … Its purpose is to connect people that care for each other. Create your own Buddy network with 4-6 of your closest friends right now. ;) It's free.

Users get a platform where they can watch over their loved ones, and in turn, help reduce the risk of someone getting hurt, robbed or worse. Download the app because you would like to help your loved ones and because you might even need some help yourself one day. All a user has to do is tap on the screen and the app sends a notification to all the buddies … It's open source. It is projects like this one that makes us proud and drives us to be better as a company and as humans.

Well worth the price." Calling for help, also referred to as “Beam a Buddy”, is the main functionality of the app and is available to any user after validation.