Bad Bunny – Si Veo A Tu Mamá (English Lyrics) Posted on by Diego Listen to the song and read the Spanish Lyrics and English Translation of “ Si Veo A Tu Mamá ” interpreted by Bad Bunny. The addressee of the song would be Bad Bunny’s ex-girlfriend, a lady he cares for very much. Translation of 'Si Veo a Tu Mamá' by Bad Bunny (Cual Es Tu Plan) from Spanish to English Artist: Bad Bunny Song: Si Veo A Tu Mamá (English Translation) Album: YHLQMDLG Year: 2020 The title of this track (“Si Veo a Tu Mamá”) translates into English as “if I see your mom”. “Si Veo a Tu Mamá” (‘If I See Your Mom’ in English) is the opening track of Bad Bunny’s second studio album, YHLQMDLG. And we know this because the very-first line of the chorus reads “I still love you”. “Si Veo a Tu Mamá” es el tema que abre el segundo álbum de estudio de Bad Bunny, YHLQMDLG.