Applied Logistic Regression, Third Edition emphasizes applications in the health sciences and handpicks topics that best suit the use of modern statistical software. Applied Logistic Regression, Second Edition, by Hosmer and Lemeshow Chapter 1: Introduction to the Logistic Regression Model | Stata Textbook Examples .

The data files used for the examples in this text can be downloaded in a .zip file from the Wiley Publications website.

New and updated features include: A chapter on the analysis of correlated outcome data.

You can then use a program such as zip to unzip the data files.

The book begins with chapters on fitting and interpreting binary logistic models as well as chapters on assessing model fit and selecting the appropriate covariates and transformations. The third edition of Applied Logistic Regression, by David W. Hosmer, Jr., Stanley Lemeshow, and Rodney X. Sturdivant, is the definitive reference on logistic regression models. The book provides readers with state-of-the-art techniques for building, interpreting, and assessing the performance of LR models.