Its other names are abscissin II and inhibitor-B. Furthermore, they also assist to induce dormancy in plants towards the end …

History of Abscisic Acid 2. Plant Stress Hormone; Abscisic – Chemical structure and Physiological Effects!

The ABA-dependent signaling pathway countersigns defense genes removing stress protection via transcriptional reprogramming of plant cell metabolism ( Bali et al., 2017; Vishwakarma et al., 2017 ).

It also causes the closing of stomata when there is a drought.

"Abscisic Acid—The Plant Stress Hormone" was published in the January 2001 issue of Agricultural Research magazine. It facilitates the seed dormancy and ensures seed germinates under favourable circumstances. Abscisic acid (ABA) is usually known as a stress hormone mainly associated with abiotic stresses mitigation (Cramer et al., 2011; Vishwakarma et al., 2017). Abscisic acid is referred to as stress hormone as it causes different plant responses acting against stress conditions. Abscisic acid (ABA) is well recognized as a stress hormone and its role in ameliorating abiotic stress in plants is well established, in addition to being important for growth and development of plants under non-stress conditions. Abscisic acid is known as dormin as it induces dormancy in buds, underground stems and seeds.

The mechanisms by … Functions of Abscisic Acid 3. It is also called stress hormone because the production of hormone is stimulated by drought, water logging and other adverse environmental conditions. Plants have to adjust ABA levels constantly in responce to changing physiological and environmental conditions. They are also critical in withstanding desiccation. To date, the mechanisms for fine-tuning of ABA levels remain elusive.

The most widespread inhibitor in the plant kingdom appears to be ABA. Abscisic acid is believed to be the key hormone that mediates plant responses to adverse environmental stimuli since the level of ABA in plants usually increases during abiotic stress conditions, and elevated ABA can enhance plant adaptation to various abiotic stresses … History of Abscisic Acid: It is also called stress hormone because the produc­tion of hormone is stimulated by drought, water logging and other adverse environmental conditions.


Abscisic acid (ABA) is a phytohormone critical for plant growth and development and plays an important role in integrating various stress signals and controlling downstream stress responses.