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However, unlike potatoes, its intricate lattice network is unfolded.
Whether you use it as a natural remedy for blood circulation or simply enjoy it for its taste, lotus roots can have a lot to offer. This Fried lotus roots box was made during the Chinese New Year period, but I didn't have to to write the recipe until now. They are commonly pickled and used as a topping on salads or are added as an extra flavor element in prawn dishes. Jacklyn. Login to reply the answers Post; Still have questions? The lotus are sliced and stuffed with minced meat then coat with a layer of batter and deep fried, a little high in calorie but it is so tasty. Favorite Answer. Found in many places throughout the globe, the Lotus is believed to have originated in or around India, due to the historical records that precede those of any other location. it's quite tasty depending on how you cook taste something like chestnut but not exactly.unless you try it,it actually taste quite good.i like it when it is boil with soup. What do lotus roots taste like? Get your answers by asking now. 0 1 0. Relevance. 1 Answer. The Lotus belongs to the family Nelumbonaceae, with the root having a distinct tangy or slightly sweet taste. Dietary fiber together with slow digesting complex carbohydrates in the lotus root help reduce blood cholesterol, sugar, body weight and constipation conditions. Lotus rhizome is an excellent source dietary fiber; 100 g flesh provides 4.9 g or 13% of daily requirement of fiber. Lotus root powder, when consumed, helps in saliva secretion, improving appetite and functioning of the lungs. Nelumbo Nucifera, also known as the Sacred Lotus (amongst other names) is a magnificent oddity of a plant. Lotus root’s taste a bit like coconut but have a similar texture to potatoes. Side effects This root generally does not have any side effects. 1 decade ago. Lotus root is slightly bitter, especially when raw, and thus it is recommended to peel and soak the vegetable in water to prevent discolouration, similar to potatoes.