Of the many Z-Fighters who protect Earth in the various Dragon Ball series, Krillin is probably the least respected. Note: This power level chart (which I think is THE most accurate out there) has been compiled based partially upon English DBZ episodes and partially on my educated guesses.

It started off around Vegeta's level on earth then gradually increased and the time they battled Frieza Krillin had to have at least been mid-Ginyu Force tier. Krillin was once considered the weakest of the Z-fighters but rose in power in the Saiyan Saga. 100% Full Power Edit Goku Black Arc (Episode 47-67)and tournament of power Edit.

use 1024x768 for best viewing. 2,200,000,000 (Temporary - Power Level would probably change if transformed again) 2x Great Ape ... Dragon Ball Power Levels Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Power Saiyan Saga. Full Power Doubled Angered Golden Frieza Edit. Dragon Ball Fusions released date moved to Nov. 22nd for N.A.! Gohan.

In fact, that might be putting it mildly. Classic editor History Talk (0) Share. 3) Krillin said that Reccome, Jeice and Burter were AROUND the same power, not exactly the same.

110,000,000 Great Ape Edit. Europe will still have to wait - Nov 15, 16 Forum Power Level Up: Requests, Feedback, and Suggestions - Aug 6, 16 Master Roshi (T.O.P)= 30,000 Future Trunks = 930.000.000.000 (billion) Jiren 600 .500. (suppressed)(undecillion) . While fighting Recoome they were probably low-mid 20K, and by the time Vegeta went up against First Form Frieza like 60-75K. Edit.

I'd put Reecome at 51,000, Jeice at 49,000 and Burter at 48,000 4) Gohan and Krillin suddenly get 5 times stronger for no reason, and this is alredy after Guru unlocked their powers.


Base Edit. 100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 10,000x Golden Form Occurs when Golden Frieza gets extremely angry, drastically increases his power, but due to the Ultimate Evolution's energy strain weakness, he was unable to maintain this form, also appears in Dragonball Heroes. Before Krillin began the modification that would lead to him becoming an Android, Krillin possessed a power level of 1,770 but after, possessed a power level of 177,000. Me(25) Carlo(0.0000000001less than 1 My Dragon Ball Z Power Levels Page. 1,100,000,000 10x Base Time Breaker Great Ape Edit.