Prep Time 10 mins. Ingredients . Dip in your favorite sauces!

Jackfruit spiced and breaded in hemp and spice breading and baked. This is my alternative using jack fruit. Jackfruit is a multi-talent! You can buy jackfruit pieces in cans which are super comfortable for this recipe. This vegan football snack turns out to be low in calories and carbs and guilt free! Course: Snack. I have to admit chicken nuggets have always been one of my favorite junk foods. But since I have gout regularly eating a 20 piece from the Golden Arches is out of the question. Vegan Gluten-free Soy-free Recipe.

Calories: 592 kcal. Servings: 2. Jackfruit "Chicken" Nuggets. Jump to Recipe Print Recipe. Since they are fried they are not healthy but they are good. Author: Vegan Richa. Spicy Hemp Crusted Jackfruit Nuggets. By properly seasoning the fruit itself and the panko bread crumbs, you really come up with a tasty creation. I thought about using these to make nuggets, and what better day to do that on than football Sunday? Total Time 55 mins. Fried jackfruit “chicken” nuggets October 5, 2018 0 comments. Cook Time 45 mins. Cuisine: Glutenfree, Vegan. We already used the versatile meat substitute for jackfruit fricassee, a pulled jackfruit burger, and a jackfruit “chicken“ salad.Today we add another recipe: vegan jackfruit nuggets.